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In this episode we’re going to continue learning about newer options for insurance programs for farmers. And in the program we’re going to learn about a relatively new way for farmers, ag processors and cooperatives to have more control over their own risk protection.   In particular, the subject will be Captive Insurance Programs.

John Capasso

John Capasso of Captive Planning Associates, LLC

I had a conversation with John Capasso, founder and current President & Chief Executive Officer of Captive Planning Associates, LLC. John has over 20 years of insurance experience. He walks us through the definition of captive programs and answers questions farmers have about creating them and making the best use of this risk tool.

So, listen in as John provides us with the “Captivating Possibilities” of Captive Insurance Programs.

Reposted with permission from Chuck Zimmerman @ Zimmcomm
Originally posted on AgWired: https://agwired.com/2023/03/28/zimmcast-709-captive-insurance-programs/