Loveland, CO – June 13, 2024 – Biochar Now, in collaboration with AgriCap Group, LLC, announces the availability of insured high integrity biochar carbon credits for purchase. This innovative offering ensures the authenticity and reliability of carbon credits, providing peace of mind to buyers and investors in the carbon market through the launch of the “Insured Carbon” program.

Biochar Now has received an ISCC Plus certification for utilizing sustainable wood in its patented process to produce high-quality biochar that produces high integrity carbon credits. The high integrity carbon credits created by biochar undergo rigorous validation and verification audits by accredited third-party auditors. The Biochar Now high integrity carbon credits are insured from creation through retirement to ensure the integrity of the carbon credit.

The “Insured Carbon” program, designed by AgriCap Group, LLC, includes a custom structured insurance program by AXA that protects the production of biochar carbon credits against major weather interruptions. This insurance program insures the creation of biochar carbon credits and the realness, additionality, permanence, and exclusivity of the verified carbon credits. The “Insured Carbon” program also provides insurance against devaluation, degradation, deterioration, or invalidation of a verified biochar carbon credit for the life of the carbon credit.

Biochar Now is now offering insured biochar carbon credits to interested parties, with full transparency of biochar carbon credit documentation tracked and recorded through a customized “Insured Carbon” IT administration system and blockchain integration designed and built by Independent Data Management, LLC and AgriCap Group, LLC.

For more information, please contact:
James Gaspard, CEO
Biochar Now

Dennis Daggett
AgriCap Group, Inc

About Biochar Now:
Biochar Now is a leading provider of high-quality biochar carbon credits, produced through a patented process using sustainable wood. With a commitment to environmental stewardship and integrity, Biochar Now delivers carbon credits that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. Biochar Now | Biochar Now is a pioneer in the biochar industry with strong engineering, manufacturing, sales and administrative personnel focused on making and selling quality biochar on a very large scale.

About Independent Data Management, dba MyAgData:
Independent Data Management, dba MyAgData, specializes in creating and supporting high quality data technology platforms that feature source of truth functionality, serving multiple market segments including agriculture, sustainability, and regulatory reporting.
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About AgriCap Group, LLC:
AgriCap Group, LLC specializes in designing and implementing innovative risk management solutions for agriculture and agricultural environmental markets. Through a strategic partnership with Independent Data Management, AgriCap has developed a customized IT administration system for high integrity carbon credits. AgriCap Group provides comprehensive insurance coverage tailored to the unique needs of its clients through captive insurance structures.