The AgGateway Mid-Year Meeting, June 12-15, 2023, is the place where the work of digital connectivity gets done. Getting together in-person catalyzes the progress that member Working Groups have made to that point on existing projects, while new work is identified and prioritized through Meet-Ups. Ample networking opportunities throughout the event provide time for attendees to share ideas and discuss solutions.

This virtual ag newsroom includes links to photos and audio content available free of charge for digital or print publication or broadcast.


2023 AgGateway Mid-Year Meeting Photo Album


Preview interview with Brent Kemp, President/CEO, AgGateway
2023 AgGateway Mid-Year Meeting Preview 18:13

AgGateway President Brent Kemp address
2023 AgGateway Mid-Year - Brent Kemp address 13:33

Interview with Jeremy Wilson, Executive VP/COO, AgGateway
2023 AgGateway Mid-Year - Jeremy Wilson, AgGateway 7:52

Interview with Ben Craker, Portfolio Manager, AgGateway
2023 AgGateway Mid-Year - Ben Craker, AgGateway 5:12

Interview with Marilyn Hunter, AgGateway retired staff member
2023 AgGateway Mid-Year - Marilyn Hunter, AgGateway retired staff member 17:19

Interview with Scott Nieman, Expert Enterprise Architect, Land O’ Lakes
2023 AgGateway Mid-Year - Scott Nieman, Land O' Lakes 7:30

Interview with Rick Behrens, Senior Technical Support Specialist, Winfield United – Field Boundaries working group
2023 AgGateway Mid-Year - Rick Behrens, Winfield United 3:03

Interview with Phil Kubesh, IT Director, Vita Plus – Scale Ticket working group
2023 AgGateway Mid-Year - Phil Kubesh, Vita Plus 3:42

Interview with Ann Vande Lune, Agronomy Administrator, Key Cooperative
2023 AgGateway Mid-Year - Ann Vande Lune, Key Cooperative 2:54

Interview with Andres Ferrerya, Data Asset Manager, Syngenta Digital
2023 AgGateway Mid-Year - Andres Ferrerya, Syngenta Digital 12:42

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